4. Wheels Down at CHS

Wheels down came abruptly and with a hard jolt as we landed at Charleston International Airport Saturday night in a thunderstorm. “It seemed like the pilot was surprised to find the runway right there,” Shelly remarked.


Gunnar and Gabby (Miniature Schnauzers) greeted us outside the terminal together with their owners, my brother Scott and his mate Susie.

We spent Sunday relaxing around Scott and Susie’s beautiful place near Summerville, and exploring some of the surrounding areas, including Summerville itself, the self-proclaimed Birthplace of Sweet Tea. Summerville reclaimed the Guinness World Record for the Largest Iced Tea from Lipton Tea on National Iced Tea Day in 2016, unveiling a massive Mason Jar filled with 2,524 gallons of iced tea (including 1,700 pounds of sugar).

We enjoyed a sun-splashed day today exploring old town Charleston. What a beautiful city! Huge three-story mansions with porches on every level and manicured grounds, dating back to as early as the late 18th century. Old churches with tall steeples. The battery along Charleston Harbor, at the confluence of the Ashley and Cooper rivers. Magnolia trees, jasmine, and a variety of palms. Fort Sumter (site of the first battle of the Civil War) on the horizon, at the entrance to the harbor.

And of course, good food: She Crab Soup, with Shrimp & Grits. An authentic southern praline, a treat I had not enjoyed since moving away from Mississippi in 1969. And the best lollipop I’ve ever had – peach pecan.

The lawyers who advertise in Charleston are far more creative than I’ve seen anywhere else. Here are my favorite billboards so far:

“In a pickle? Call Dill” – Law Offices of Michael Dill.

“In a collision? Easy decision.” – Monge & Associates.

“Car Wreck? Don’t Scream! Call Akim!” – Anastopoulo Law Firm


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